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All change for 2021

Happy New Year to All our Present & Future Customers

New things for 2021 will include…
A fresh & improved website – going live soon – so watch this space!
Will still have a bookshop for our publications, plus a gallery space & other exciting stuff.

Just a quick note…

Hello One & All,

Just a quick note to advise about a small price change.
I’m afraid I’m having to slightly increase my charge for UK postage & packing to try & keep up with the Royal Mail!
The cost of our publications will remain the same, but P&P will go up by 25p per item. This will be added automatically for online purchases through PayPal, as before.

Prices have also be revised on our PDF postal order form.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Wow! Has that ever happened to you?


Two years have just passed in the blink of an eye & life-as-we-know-it has been turned on it’s head!

Let’s face it, I’m really not a born blogger am I… It’s just another of those things that I know I should do, but don’t ever seem to find the time for.
To anyone visiting these pages, I do apologise for the lack of regular content, but would like to reassure you that we’re very much alive & kicking & operating ‘business as normal’- or as normal as we get anyway.
Things at the Point never change very rapidly, it has its own rhythm. Here life is governed by the unfurling seasons, the perpetual motion of the tides, the vagaries of the weather & our own moods.
We have always preferred & sought a life of blissful self-isolation, so are in a better position than many to ride out this strange period of falsely-adjusted reality.
To those reading this who are not so fortunate, we’d like to thank you very much for your custom (it means a great deal to us) & fervently hope that you all remain in good health and spirits.
Many of you are buying our publications in anticipation of precious former freedoms returning. To whet the appetite for future adventures and time spent enjoyably exploring nature & unknown places, without restriction or anxiety and with the added pleasure of good company.

Hang on in there… it may be a while coming, but won’t it be wonderful when it does!

All the very best… Gin

Merry Christmas from Pelican Studio

A big “Thank you” to all our customers, old and new, in 2017.

Here’s to a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year for everyone.

It’s been a lovely year here at The Point, apart from not enough sailing & a less than sparkling harvest in the vegetable garden.

Hopefully 2018 will be filled with opportunities for good walking, therapeutic whittling, playing with the Pods and exploring new territory (both geographically and creatively).

Looking forward to hearing from many more of you in 2018… Happy Saints’ Way Wanderings & Boscastle Rambles. 

G & H xxx





A little later than planned, but…

We’ve had quite a busy year, so far, at the Point.

The publications are chugging along nicely & many of you lovely people have enjoyed the walking, despite the variable weather this season. It’s always great to hear about your Cornish adventures, knowing that our guides have had a part to play in their success.

We are now a “two pod” family, with the arrival of a gangly youngster from Spain in April. He’s a super pup, but is needing constant vigilance & training from us both at the moment, which takes up a lot of time & leaves us both constantly pooped!

The POD printing, on the other hand, has not been instigated yet but is still on the cards for future consideration.

However, as planned, I have whittled several items from our seasoned stock of small logs. Holly is my favourite wood at the moment, for its beautiful, varied bark & its clean, crisp interior. H bought me a new crook knife for my birthday which is so nice to work with – ultra sharp & manoeuvrable.

On another creative tangent, I’ve designed & made harnesses, leads & collars (for our dogs & other people’s) from paracord.
I’m pleased with the ‘martingale’ type I’ve devised – it is very simple, strong, looks good & is comfortable for the poddies.

More info on these unique, hand-made items can be seen on the page called “Whittle things to buy”

Please take a look & place an order if anything takes your fancy.

Best wishes, Gin

Seasons Greetings from the Point

Just a quick note to thank all our customers, new & old, for their continued support during 2016, it is much appreciated – and to wish you all a

Very Merry Christmas from the Pelican Studio duo ♥

Here’s looking forward to 2017… may it be a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous one for us all.

A couple of things may be brewing for the New Year, including possibly venturing into the uncharted territory of POD (print on demand) for our next title – no more boxes under the bed!

Also, 3D hand-crafted offerings for sale from time to time. Stemming from my interest in all things wood & trying out new skills, these will be unique, individually designed & whittled creations from our extensive stock of seasoned sticks. Photos & descriptions of the first items will follow in the New Year…


All systems are GO! (or will be by Thursday 16th)

Hurrah! The 4th edition of the Saints’ Way Guide has been printed & will soon be winging its way from Launceston (thank you Four Way Print Ltd xx)

I was sent 50 copies to fulfil most pre-orders, but by Friday next we should be up to strength & ready to talk big numbers!

However, as you may or may not know, delivery to the Point comes with its own challenges. All 30 boxes of precious publication have to be rowed over to the cottage by H & me in our trusty boat ‘Morvran’, so we are hoping for a high tide & good weather combination… but experience has taught us to have the tarpaulins & oilskins at the ready.


This reprint has no major changes, just tweeks to the text & updated directions in a few areas that have been commented on by walkers.
We also made the decision this time to put up the price by 50p – (the first increase since its publication in 2008) so the packs will now be £5.49 each +p&p, but with the same discounts for bulk orders. We only just cover the postage costs as it is, so I hope you dear customers will understand.
Well, that’s all for this update.
Wishing you all a super walking summer – Gin

STOP Press… GO Press!

Dear Customers,
Good news & bad news… I’ve been caught on the hop!
A recent rush of orders has meant that my own stock of the Saints’ Way Guide is temporarily SOLD OUT until we get the reprint of the 4th edition sorted!
However, in the meantime, it should be possible for you to buy the guide online from a Tourist Information Centre.
This link… will give you contact details for all the TICs in Cornwall…
Bodmin, Boscastle, Liskeard, Truro, Fowey, St Austell & Padstow should still have it in stock.

I apologise for any inconvenience & promise to get moving on the reprint ASAP.

An autumnal update…

The months have flown past and here we are, facing the onset of winter. Had our first hammering of hailstones over the Point today, but we don’t mind as the log baskets are full & so is the fridge! It’s been a busy year with lots of projects to keep us occupied – most of them practical, some with a creative edge, but not many of a purely artistic nature. Maybe next year the Inspiration Bug will bite.

To our friends from abroad…

Offering the PayPal option seems to have been a popular move, as we are now receiving more payments that way than through the standard mail. However, it has highlighted a problem with postage to foreign parts.

Due to the exorbitant postal charges (which I am loath to pass on to our wonderful customers) & the Customs duty complications, I am presently having to say “No” to sending our publications outside the UK. So sorry to all our friends from abroad!

I can send to UK holiday addresses, if that helps, so the books will be there when you arrive… Please email us to arrange this.

Happy hiking