whittle things to buy…

Whittle things made of wood…

All the items shown here have been designed & hand-carved by me from our own stock of seasoned branches (prunings).
Most are holly, but others woods may include beech, birch, oak, chestnut or wild plum.

Every piece is unique.

Handling the wood, observing the natural contours of each branch dictates the end result.
I do not use power tools or even sandpaper to shape & smooth, preferring the feel of the knife & the ‘connection’ it gives me to the material – the fashioning of a crisp line or an interesting texture using just hand & eye is so satisfying.

All pieces are finished with several coats of pure flax oil.
After use, gentle washing in warm soapy water & careful drying is best – you can re-oil occasionally if needed.
Being a natural product, the wood may alter colour, or develop tiny cracks over time, these shouldn’t impact the item’s usefulness & will only add character!

If something you fancy is marked ‘sold’, you can ask for one of a similar design & size, but no two will ever be alike.
These whittle things take me quite a while to carve (a factor that is not reflected in the price!), so please be patient if you commission an order.

Thanks for looking… I hope you see something you like – Gin.

My hand-carved fish scalers, with a comfortable, ergonomic shape.
Made from Trenant Point wood, with recycled bottle cap scrapers & marine cord hanging loop.
I use my own on pollack, bass, salmon & other large-scaled fish & it really does a good job.
Each is a totally unique design.
Available in two sizes…
Short (1 cap) = £8.00 each.
Medium (2 caps) = £10.00 each.
My current stock is all SOLD, but more will be whittled dreckly!